Creating sustainable change.

We work with individuals, teams and organizations in change. We take on a coaching role. We don’t assume to be suppliers of answers. You are the specialists. Of yourself and of your operations. Not us. You have most of what you need already.

We can help you build awareness. See your footprints, understand how you influence. And having done so, understand how your co-workers, teams and leaders can develop. We can help you build sustainable leadership and teams.

Close your gaps

 Our ambition in leadership development is very clear.  We do react a little half-hearted at somewhat vague ambitions we meet occasionally – ” I should improve my leadership” or “I need to be updated” or “I’ve heard coaching is supposed to be good”. But when you say that you as a leader want to accomplish more concrete change. That you want to be able to contribute even more to better results. Then you’ve got our attention. How could your better leadership make your business flourish? A very distinct and tangible connection to the business-need.

As we proceed in our work, step by step, we would expect a clearer picture evolving in your mind of how you intend to apply the stronger leadership of yours in your daily work.                                                                                                                With the clear objective and goal of your development at hand, you will have sharp means to measure our success in our work together.


COACHING  What is coaching? There might be some simple answers. But let’s make sure we agree.                                                                                                     One meaning of coach is a wagon, a vehicle, a carriage or a bus. A means for someone to get from point A to point B.

If we look at the practice of coaching, Sir John Whitmore, one of the most prominent contributors to leadership development, would say:                               ”…to unleash a persons potential so that she gets the very most out herself. It implies helping people help themselves rather than teaching or instructing them.”    

In other words, my ability as coach to support my client in the understanding of how she learns. Finds new ways. Sees new insights. That awareness, or skill if you like, will allow the client to learn more by herself. To conquer and overcome more without my support. The client will find her own personal way to do things. So, our ambition is to let go of our clients. Not to make them cling to us.

We support our clients to paint the true reality-check, to set goals, to find the way to these goals and finally realize these goals. We do this by asking questions, by challenging, by inspiring, questioning, supporting and by encouraging. We help to keep the right focus and to get from thought to action.

A large portion of the work is done outside the comfort-zone. 


MENTORING Somewhere between advising and coaching. Sharing experience and knowledge as well as challenging and supporting. Placing potential solutions on the table for you to look at and if you so decide, pick up.


COACHING FACILITATION To help your team over some hurdles. So that it gets more out of itself than expected. Not instructive. Not steering or aiming at giving answers. But challenging, exploring and raising awareness. In a structured way.


OPERATIONAL GAP Where are you? Where do you want to be at a given point of time in the future? What does the gap look like? How do you intend to close it? Is the picture of your solution-process just as clear as that of your change-process? Are you familiar with the mis-conception that this first process is the main challenge whereas the latter process is more a question of wrapping-it-up?

:: Review & Analysis
:: Change Management



“Our culture is one of the main ingredients in our competitive edge.

  It is a prerequisite for our competitive structure.

  And vice versa.

  And I do understand how this all comes together.”

Does this make sense? How many of your co-workers feel and think like this?

Are your values alive? In heart, in mind or just in the brochure?

Have you made up your mind what you need your values for? Concretely.

Describe your culture with three words. What will we hear if we ask your co-workers? How many different answers will we get?

What is the connection between your culture and the customer benefits of your customers? The connection to the happiness of your co-workers? And to the overall business value of your organization?

What is the connection between your values and your culture?

We love working with these stimulating questions. Because this is the best of any organization. The most unique and vibrant part that any organization could manifest. Or should be at least. Not only to itself but also to the rest of the world.

We are just as glad to work with organizations who feel great as with those who want to feel better.


RASIC A method to enhance structure and transparancy of roles and responsibilities within teams. Rational and easy to grasp.


1-2 DAYS WORKSHOP Something in your operations that doesn’t feel sound? That you really need to get some sharp attention to? And, infact, probably initiate a change-process for. Or maybe you just need to ”sort some things out”. But in a powerful and efficient way. To get them going in a better direction.

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:: The Goal
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:: Sustainable Leadership
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:: Footprint
:: Values

You might need only one specific type of workshop on one occasion. Or, when working with a more complex change-process, a set of workshops. A stand-alone or more like pearls on a string. Depending on the purpose, the profile of the workshop will vary.

BOOST : Start-up of a change-process. Identify the core-question, raise the main issues. Create awareness and comittment. Coaching and mentoring approach.

Level 2 : Reconciliation during an ongoing process. Sorting. Concretisizing. New angles. Coaching approach.

TOUCH BASE : Brief reconciliation with coworkers shortly before decisions. Inform and pick up strong opinions. Coaching approach.

CHALLENGE : At the end of a process. Challenge, question and narrow down. Coaching approach.

PROCESS : Start-up of a specific process methodology. Informative and instructive approach.


CHANGE-PROGRAMS An effort to develop and/or implement a significant change for one or more individuals or within a whole organisation. The work stretches over several months and is carried out by means of a multitude of activities, methods and tools.
When the change-program concerns an organisation, the work is done on individual level as well as team level.

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Any special thoughts on being Unique? Reliable? Sustainable?


Niclas NellhagNiclas Nellhag

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I have been working as a manager and leader for some 25 years. In staff-roles as well as in operational roles. More than half of the time on management-group level.
I have lived and worked during some 15 years in a handful european countries.
My focus has been change-processes of people as well as organizations. With a very clear connection to the business-value.         I have found the meeting between the operational and the strategic specifically stimulating.

I work with leadership-programs on a global basis and as an internationally certified coach, I coach leaders in Europe, North-America and Asia.

I work within a network. Out of which I engage additional resources if and when needed.